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 Dedicated to Hazel Scott


Digital video with audio, 1:56 looped; Framed digital print, 18"x24";  Zine handouts, 8"x11"

Dedicated to Hazel Scott was a multimedia project exhibited in the Women Who Dare exhibition November 5-28, 2015 at the Carver Community Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas. The work consisted of a digital video, framed digital print, and zine handouts. Curators: Sarah Castillo and Anel Flores

As an academically-trained art historian specializing in U.S. Latino and Chicano art work, the focus of my investigations include revisionist art histories and the reimagination of the art canon. My newly-created artist-role has extended my reclamation-based inquiries and created an alternative visual dialogic to discuss issues of race, political space, and experiential memory in the context of Texas. The Dedicated to Hazel Scott project is a dedicatory multimedia installation related to the jazz pianist Hazel Scott. This media undertaking is a result of independent research found in the Austin History Center detailing Hazel Scott’s cancellation of a live concert at the University of Texas in 1948 as a result of the segregation of the audience.

Hazel Scott was a world-renowned piano virtuoso.  Julliard-trained by the time she was a young child, Scott had an extensive career of music making primarily in piano and voice with a signature style of classical and jazz-based compositions.  In 1948, Scott was scheduled to perform at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas but cancelled upon viewing a segregated audience. As homage to Scott’s original sanction on the Texas political space, none of this installation includes Scott’s piano compositions or recordings; instead I have created a dedicatory, original composition that scores digital excerpts from Scott’s performances, commercials, concerts, and film appearances. My undertaking is an alternative method of monograph-making. Instead of an esoteric treatise of facts, I am beginning a multimedia conversation based on the emotive response of revisionist Texas history.

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